I’m fascinated

When my husband and I went shopping for our first house, we knew going in what build year we wanted. The quality of the house structure itself was the most important thing to us. We didn’t care about cosmetics like kitchen counters and bathroom fixtures–my grandparents worked in that business for 35 years and could help us with those issues. We just wanted to be sure that the house was well insulated and in great shape. We were aiming for a house built either in the late 1800s or the early 1900s. The absolute newest we were willing to go was the 1940s. While the real estate agent assured us the house was in great shape, we want to be sure before we bought it. So, we hired an HVAC contractor to inspect the heating and air conditioning system as the current owner hadn’t had it done on record. We agreed to pay for the costs in full. My husband also asked for the HVAC service provider to do an meter test; this test looks for drafts and air loss in the home. Not only was the furnace in great shape, but the meter only detected one old door to be an issue. This is why we wanted an older home–they’re built so much better than modern styles. We bought the house on the spot once the test results came back. My husband to this day is so glad we bought the house we did. The older build date made it such an affordable price, and its exactly the style we wanted. We fixed the issues with that one door, and our house is always perfectly warm with our oil furnace. We don’t even have a very high heat bill!

HVAC service plan