Air loss and drafts

Everyone should have a/c in their home. Air conditioning is very important. With being a mother of a three-year-old and being seven months pregnant it is extremely important that my home has a/c. My son plays outside all day, every day just like little kids like to do. With living in a very warm climate, within 15 minutes of him being outside he is drenched in sweat and is needing to drink some water. After about 30 minutes of playing outside and me sitting outside with him watching him, we are exhausted and need to cool down. I myself already feel like I’m about to pass out due to the heat and being pregnant so I know he was the same. When I call him to come to me, he walks up and his poor little face is red and sweat is dripping from his hair. Even though I had given him the water 15 minutes ago he was in dying need to be cooled down. I rushed him inside the house and turned our a/c down to cool the house even more and faster. I also place a cold wash rag on his forehead and have him sip on some water to slowly cool his body off. Within 10 minutes of doing that, his body temperature was back to normal and he felt better. I was very lucky to not lose my son to a heat stroke. We are very thankful to have a/c in our home and without it I would have probably lost my son to a heat stroke before I could have gotten him help. So, as you can see a/c is very important in your life, especially when you live in a warm climate area or if you work outside. Always keep your a/c up to date and have cold water available when your outside.

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