I can feel the heat

I have worked as the nurse for a small town middle school for the past twelve years.  For the most part, I just love my job. However, I have an issue with the safety of the school’s heating system.  The heater is at least thirty years old, and is in desperate need of replacement. We are a small farming community and funds are limited.  However, there always seems to be plenty of money to buy sports equipment, and update the athletic fields. The heating system is costing the taxpayers a fortune to operate and polluting air quality, but no one wants to deal with it.  In the area where we live, the weather is cold and snowy from mid September until early April, and we rely heavily on the heating system. The school’s heating system draws a ton of energy and provides very inconsistent temperature. The classrooms located the closest to the system are always terribly overheated and teachers often open their windows.  They let the heated air escape and welcome in outside air, which is a huge waste of energy. Because these classrooms are so hot and stuffy, the kids have trouble concentrating and often complain of headaches. The classrooms located the furthest away from the heating system are typically chilly, and the students are forced to wear their coats throughout the day.  My biggest issue is that the heating system is overly drying the air and introducing contaminants. I constantly have students coming into my office with bloody noses, sore throats, and allergy symptoms. I blame the heating system for the overly high absenteeism among both students and faculty.

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