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I’ve suffered with flu symptoms all of my life.  Ever since I was a child, I struggled to appreciate the Springtime because my flu symptoms would make myself and others actually uncomfortable.  I woke up every morning with actually itchy, green eyes. I didn’t understand that itching my eyes was making it worse because I was a child, so I would itch them plus make them worse.  I spent most of the afternoon sneezing plus I would struggle to sleep at night. I dealt with this until my adult years. I tried taking many flu symptom tablets when I was older, however that didn’t help either.  The only solution I found was to task with an Heating plus A/C supplier to change some things around my house. Turns out, the condition of your vents plus filtration proposal can make your flu symptoms worsen. When I busy an Heating plus A/C consultation, the representative was shocked to see the state of my ventilation system.  It was so dirty with dust plus debris. He said that this can worsen my flu symptom symptoms significantly. He also recommended that I install a stronger filtration system. I trusted him plus I was willing to try anything to recognize better, so I asked him to clean my vents plus install the filtration system. It was a hefty financial investment plus it took a few weeks of task for it to be completed, however it was well worth it.  My first Spring with this new proposal was a breath of fresh air, literally! I was able to breathe with ease. I had way less mornings with itchy, green eyes. I sneezed much less plus I didn’t need flu symptom medication as often. I was actually gleeful with this decision!