The results are awesome

Recently we had a horrifying incident happen involving a busted sub pump and wastewater flooding in our finished basement. We lost a full bedroom, bathroom, and half the lower kitchen to the damage. Our landlord is super frugal and didn’t want to replace or fix anything–he will cut any corner he can find. But we weren’t having it; poor repairs could mean mold and toxic waste harming the health of the roommates and our pets. Fortunately, we were able to come at him with a wealth of information and more or less forced him to have an HVAC inspection. We wanted to know for sure that the vents and air ducts were safe, and whether they needed to be cleaned or completely gutted. One month later, we had our HVAC contractor walk through. He had to wear hazmat gear, as the repair workers were still waiting on asbestos test results on one of the walls. The HVAC service worker was very thorough and we all applauded his efforts–that basement was disgusting and no one liked having to go down there for even a few minutes. But he was down there for almost two hours going over every inch of the air ducts and HVAC system for signs of damage. He reported back to us safely upstairs that while it would need to be professionally cleaned and a few lines needed duct sealing, the system had not sustained any major damage. Two weeks later, the came back to clean and repair the furnace air ducts, and our landlord paid the bill without complaint. The HVAC contractor told our landlord that if we hadn’t urged him to inspect the ductwork, the furnace could have sustained permanent damage and required a full replacement. We ended up saving our landlord money!

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