This is a strange time

I don’t suppose much about you, but, funeral parlors truly make me more nervous than what is reasonable.  I am not sure if it the fact that the particular woman is deceased, or if it is the fact that I have to go in there and awkwardly talk to so several people I don’t know.  Whenever my father-in-law passed, both of us had to spend far more than one afternoons stuck inside a single of these locales hearing story after story from so many random people who had known him and several of them didn’t even pretend they suppose my partner.  Anyway, both of us had to attend a very long wake the other day and, once again, I knew not a single person except the a single child and the grieving partner of the woman who had passed. Of course, as both of us waited in line to speak with them for a moment I observed something rather strange.  The funeral parlor I stood in was in a genuinely old building and it had many floor vents for the Heating and A/C system. They were actually rather ornate from what I could see of them at the time, but, they were all partially covered uniformly with a plastic tray. I have seen where they use a single plastic shield to direct the airflow before, however, I noticed that these were similar to the trays you would see at buffet.  You know what I mean, the plastic covers off of the food trays. They were totally clear, so maybe they thought no a single would notice them sitting there, then i had to chuckle to myself because, apparently, it must have been someone who worked there who had decided to try and control the central heating and cooling air flow without going out and purchasing the right item to do so. I am totally sure that they thought they were saving money, with this measure but I don’t suppose how effective they were to be honest. I am sure that had the grieving family observed such a cheap repair they may have said something too.

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