The elderly

I went to church camp with my kids down south a few weeks ago, and we ended up having a really good time. I have to say that I wasn’t initially looking forward to spending a whole week with 80 teenage girls, but they surprised me by mostly being funny and lovable instead of snotty and annoying! The only problem that I had while we were there, surprisingly, was a lack of air conditioning in the cabins that we stayed in. I had been incorrectly informed that the chaperone’s cabins were going to have A/C installed in them, but when we arrived I made the unpleasant discovery that my cabin didn’t have any air conditioning at all. As a matter of fact, it didn’t even have a ceiling fan or a window unit air conditioner! Nothing! And the temperatures that week were supposed to be miserably hot. I was more than I a little upset because honestly, nothing makes me crabbier or in a worse mood than being hot and sweaty. I wanted to complain to someone, but I knew that it wouldn’t do any good at all. There was no air conditioning to be had anywhere in the whole entire camp. I sweated nearly to death that first night and then the second night, too. By the third night, it had poured rain and it ended up cooling down a little bit, thank goodness. Next year if I volunteer again, I’m definitely going to take my portable A/C unit with me. That way I’ll be cool no matter what kind of cabin I’m in.

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