I can honestly barely breath

A month ago in our condo building, Sarah and I been having a lot of trouble with particles getting into all of our ductwork systems! If you don’t get what a particle is, it’s just a new word for tiny little debris of sorts like dust, dirt, or even types of dander that can pollute the air that you breathe… These models of particles are bad for your nasal passages and when they get into your air filtration system, they can block that up as well, then and if they can block up big metal vents like air ducts, just imagine how not good that they must be for your body! Poor indoor air conditions can really mess up your health if you don’t put a stop to the issues. I started sneezing and getting sick all the time when our apartment’s air quality became awful and filled with debris! Several of our buddies mentioned that they were having the same type of concerns. Once we realized that the error must lie anywhere in the building’s ventilation system, we called the building’s maintenance owner. He looked into the concern and found that the vents were covered with pollen on the inside! He then made the choice to install a couple of unusual types of media air purifiers in the building’s ventilation ducts in order to wipe up and improve the apartments’ indoor air conditions. It’s really amazing what a couple of good working HEPA filters can do about small airborne allergens like dander.