That’s a strange situation

I don’t know about you, but I can tell you for a fact that funeral parlors make myself and others nervous.  I really am not sure if it the fact that the poor guy is deceased, or if it is the fact that I need to go in there to talk to so numerous people I don’t know well.  When my father-in-law passed, for instance, the people I was with and I had to spend 3 stressful mornings in 1 of these sites hearing story after story all day from people who had known him & numerous of them that actually didn’t even know my hubby.  Anyway, the people I was with and I had to go out and attend a wake the other day and, once again, I felt like an idiot because I knew no 1 accept the 1 child & the sobbing partner of the guy who had passed, but luckily as the people I was with and I waited in line to gently speak with them I noticed something rather strange that consumed my attention for the rest of the service.  The funeral parlor was in an entirely old and well seasoned building & it had floor vents still installed for the Heating & Air Conditioning system. They were rather ornate grills from what I could see of them, however, they were all partially obstructed with a plastic tray. I have seen where they use a plastic shield to carefully direct the airflow before however these were more like the trays you would see at cheap buffets.  You know, the plastic covers off of the food trays that keep them clean. They were clear, so maybe they thought no 1 would notice them sitting down there… I had to chuckle to myself because, apparently, it must have been someone who worked there that decided to try & control the air flow in this sneaky way. I am sure that they thought they were saving currency, but had my mother seen such a cheap fix they would have paid gravely.

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