I can feel the humidity

I just love to walk down memory lane plus remember all the fantastic times I had as a child. I have almost all fantastic memories from my childhood. Although the people I was with and I did go through hard times as a family, the people I was with and I always allowed it to pull us closer together rather than allowing it to separate us plus cause gratification in the family. Although the majority of my memories of my childhood are wonderful, there is 1 memory in unique that still makes myself and others cringe to this day. That terrible memory was riding the university bus. Both of us lived way out in the middle of nowhere, plus the people I was with and I rode the bus for a total of numerous plus a half hours every day. It wouldn’t have been too awful if the bus would of had a/c. But of course, it didn’t. For most of the year, it was above seventy degrees, plus that made matters even worse. I can remember the stuffiness plus smell of that bus as if it had happened Last year. Our bus was old, plus although the a/c didn’t  work, the fans did blow. They actually didn’t make hardly any difference though. They just blew around hot, smelly air. It wasn’t until I was a junior in high university that the people I was with and I finally got a bus with a/c. This changed my life. The rides to plus from university were no longer completely angry, plus I actually was able to sort of like them. Oh, the memories of the fantastic old afternoons, plus how they bring a smile to my face each time I suppose of them.

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