I realized not much has changed

My family never has been a pet centered family.  Maybe you know are one of the families that treats their pet as if it is the new born baby of the family.  I grew up during the time when it was not cruel to have your dog inside a fenced yard with his own dog house.  When I see families that take their dog everywhere with them, I’m still a bit confused. Mainly because it is a very family motivated act that doesn’t consider the other people that they may come in contact with.  In the home, pet owners have to also worry about how their pet dandruff and hair affects their home systems like their heating and air conditioning system. Pet hair and pet dandruff build up affect HVAC units and indoor air quality online and received some valuable information. Changing the filter regularly contributes to the proper intake of air and the proper air circulation.   If not changed on a consistent schedule, dust accumulates on the fan motors, it may cause faults in the electrical cables, cause bearings to seize, or lead to motor problems. Apart from this, buildup of dust and hair on the appliance can lead to inefficiency due to the covered coils. Air conditioning systems cool air by passing it through a set of cold coils, which in turn cool the air being sucked. Dirty coils will therefore create a barrier between the coil surface and the air, which means that some energy that could have been used otherwise is lost. For the health of their family pet owners must change the a/c air filter regularly.

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