I’m working on a lot of risk management

My husband Josh is employed in administration at one of our larger local hospitals.  Josh is in charge of handling the HIPAA risk assessments. This is a new responsibility for him, and so far he seems to be adjusting to it really well.  Although Josh has been involved in the HIPAA risk consultation work for the past four years years, his previous HIPAA risk consultation took him all over the northern part of the country. He was getting super sick of all of the travel for work, and so he made the choice to accept this new title at a local hospital.  This hospital is located only twenty minutes away from our house. It’s been a wonderful change for him. He’s switched from doing HIPAA risk consultations all over the northern region to concentrating on a single hospital for forty hours per week. Josh is totally happy with the new job so far, but it’s been an adjustment for our family. I would think that  performing HIPAA risk assessments would be fulfilling work, but totally stressful and boring! Josh seems to be satisfied with the hours he puts in and the responsibility involved with it. As long as he is happy, then it’s okay with me! I mean, he’s the one who is dealing with HIPAA risk consultations and assessments for hours and hours every day. At least, this job pays well.  We never have any trouble about getting our bills paid. I’m glad he’s staying closer to home now. We were getting totally fed up with him being out of town for the HIPAA risk consultations all the time. I think he and I will both be happier with this situation. It’s better having him so much closer to home at this local hospital.

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