Noticing people around

I don’t assume to know much about you or anyone else, but, I feel like I’m safe when I say that funeral parlors make myself and everyone else nervous.  I am not sure if it the fact that the room is filled with the deceased, or if it is the fact that I have to talk to such a large crowd of people I don’t know.  When our father-in-law passed a few years ago, the people I was with and I had to spend several afternoons in a particularly nasty version of these sites. We stood there, hearing story after story from people who had known him & several of them who actually didn’t even know our hubby.  Anyway, the people I was with and I recently had to attend a wake once again, and I knew no 1 accept the wifey of the person who had abruptly passed. It was incredibly sad and awkward, so I was looking all around the room for distractions. Just as the people I was with and I waited in line to speak with them I finally noticed something rather interesting.  The funeral parlor was in a truly old building & it had many floor vents for the Heating, Ventilation & A/C system in the space. The air vents were rather ornate from what I could see of them, but, the ventilation ducts were all partially covered with a plastic tray. They were essentially the trays you would see at buffet – the plastic covers off of the food trays.  They were crystal clear, so maybe they thought no 1 would notice them hanging out down there, then i had to chuckle to myself because, apparently, a lazy someone who worked there had decided to try & control the air flow themselves without purchasing the right item to do the job. I am sure that they thought they were saving the company money, even though I don’t assume how effective they actually were. Mostly the place just smelled like garlic mashed potatoes.

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