It did take me a while

I was helping my sister move across the country in the middle of summer. We drove nearly 3 thousand miles with a rented truck towing her car behind. Because we didn’t know how much distance we would cover everyday, we didn’t book our hotels in advance. The two of us just drove until we were both exhausted and then we would start looking for a place to spend the night. For the most part, we found nice little chain hotels or motels that were clean, quiet, and had good working air conditioners.  There was this one motel we stopped at though that was terrible. On second thought, we should have just slept in the truck or driven another hour to the next town. As soon as we opened the door to our room, we were hit with the smell of a mixture of old cigarette smoke and dog-pound scent. There were water stains on the wallpaper and crappy patch jobs on the walls in the bathroom. But, at least the room was nice and cool and we were exhausted so we put down our things and tried to get comfortable. Only, both of the beds had old, lumpy mattresses and seemed to be the source of the dog-pound scent that permeated the room. We still were so tired we could have slept if not for the noisy air conditioner. It kept the room very cool but it sounded like a semi-truck everytime it started up and it was too hot to turn it off. Believe me, we tried. We attempted to sleep in the minutes between the A/C kicking on and off. Neither of us got much sleep but we sure weren’t staying in that hotel another night so we hit the road, never looking back.

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