Maybe I’ll stay inside for a bit

With these extremely high temperatures, many people will be using their air conditioning system.  My family, in particular, will be taking full advantage of our home’s A/C. With the heat index so high, we are virtually forced to stay inside in the coolness of our well air conditioned home.  Who would not want to stay indoors in our area of the deep south? It can almost be a health issue if you don’t remain in air conditioning in our area. However, I wonder if we are using the A/C in the most efficient manner possible?  I keep a close eye on the thermostat and will adjust it when needed. So it was only natural to consider changing it out for a newer programmable thermostat. I felt that since I was constantly adjusting the thermostat to keep the house cooler, that I was not using the A/C to its’ highest potential.  Why should I be manually changing the temperature control on the thermostat? Especially when the programmable thermostats will manage my temperature control for me. I know that it is best to set the thermostat at your preferred temperature control, and leave it alone. However, since I was not doing that, instead I’ll let the new thermostat take care of the adjustments.  I’ve researched thermostats online, both smart thermostats and programmable ones. So, I am knowledgeable about the subject. The newer thermostats come in many different colors, and they are quick to learn our habits. That is a good thing, since we like it very cold around here.

new air conditioner