Better business information

I heard an advisory on the radio from the Department of Commerce and Insurance.  The governmental agency is advising its’ citizens to be aware of the numerous scams going on regarding air conditioning repair.  With temperatures rising, air conditioning is a must and any of us can be scammed and conned by unscrupulous people trying to make a profit from charging unnecessary A/C repair work.  More than just being frustrated, having any air conditioning problems in the summertime can actually be a health hazard. The advisory went on to remind us all to research ahead of time and to compile a list of reputable HVAC service providers.  The advisory reminded us to keep the list of reputable air conditioning companies nearby, in case the A/C went out during our scorching summer. That list of reliable HVAC providers would be needed in case an emergency air conditioning situation occurs.  With this list of reputable and reliable HVAC providers, we would be prepared with options for an emergency air conditioning repair, instead of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous cheats. The Better Business Bureau of your local area can help you to locate the right A/C repair company to help with an emergency.  The advisory encourages everyone to check their air conditioner warranty, model information, and maintenance history before authorizing any HVAC repairs.  Always get written estimates, and get at least 2, maybe more. We should also be aware of high pressure tactics and if we believe that the HVAC company has conducted business unfairly, we can file a complaint.

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