Covering the equipment

I don’t think much about it, but when it comes up, funeral parlors really make myself and others nervous.  I am not sure whether it’s the dead person or if it is the fact that I have to talk to so very many weird people I don’t know.  When our grandfather passed, you know that the two of us had to spend several long days trapped in 1 of these sites hearing story after story from about 300 people who had known him… plus numerous of them didn’t even know him at all!  Anyway, the two of us had to attend a really sad wake the other day and, once again, I knew nobody there except for the person who had passed… As the lot of us waited in line to speak with the grieving family I observed something rather strange.  The funeral parlor was already in a absolutely outdated building plus it certainly had large floor vents for the Heating & Air Conditioning system. HOnestly, they were rather ornate from what I could see of them, however, I also saw that they were all partially covered with a plastic tray.  I have seen a few times where they use a plastic shield to direct the HVAC airflow before however these were actually just the trays you would see at buffet. You know, those cheap plastic covers off of the food trays that you see? They were clear, so maybe they thought everybody would be crying too much to notice them, however i had to chuckle to myself because I saw. I am sure that they thought they must have been were saving money, but I don’t think so. Later in the evening I noticed that the buffet table was awfully bare, and none of the large communal trays had lids.

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