Turning the power supply on

Breathing is sort of key element in calling yourself a human being.  I don’t think so human. Severe pollen irritations have constantly been a section of our life.  I have suffered to breathe for so long, I don’t genuinely notice until it gets bad. The Spring as well as fall are our most allergic seasons.  I have purchased every HEPA air filter on the market. I change our air filter every month however still I deal with contaminants as well as allergens in our breathing air.  On a recent seasonal service visit, the HVAC girl advocated I try an air cleaner. I told him I had tried however found those air cleaner units to be loud as well as lacking.  The heating as well as cooling tech smiled when she told me to reconsider. I was shocked to learn there are whole cabin air cleaners that blend right in with our existing system.  The air cleaner uses UV light to eliminate allergens as well as contaminants that enter the system. And, this is after going through the air filter. All it does is shine the UV spectrum of light over the filtered air.  The beam of light can kill 90% of contagions in the first air cycle alone! I was so thrilled, I ordered a whole cabin air cleaner on the spot. Two weeks later, the upgrade took no time at all. An hour after upgrade, I could already begin to notice the difference in our breathing.  I have had our whole cabin air cleaner for three months now as well as I could not be more pleased. My air is so clean, you can almost taste it.

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