Forced air HVAC

My dad and I have recently purchased a triplex that is in need of some updating.  I work in construction as a superintendent and I can do most of the work needed myself, and my dad is going to be the bank.  We will be taking it slow, though and updating one unit at a time, so I won’t get overwhelmed. We both still have our regular jobs.  The triplex is actually in pretty good shape. I’ll need to rip out old cabinets, and most of the kitchens, but the walls and floors are good.  The A/C wall units that are currently in place leak and are inefficient.  I will be replacing them with the ductless mini-split system.  Ductless technology offers a cost-effective way to replace inefficient window units and space heaters, and I won’t have to add any ductwork to the triplex.  Another positive feature of the ductless mini-split technology is that each tenant can control their temperature control with their own thermostat. The ductless HVAC systems are efficient and they provide consistent comfort to any room.  One negative quality that I have seen in the ductless systems is the fact that the ductless technology cannot handle accumulating debris.  I’ll have to wash the filter on the ductless system monthly, since the fan cannot handle dirt. However, that preventive maintenance for the ductless system will just be one more task for this new landlord to take care of.  The ductless system will not be cheap, but since I won’t have to install any ductwork, the cost may just even out.

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