The minimum comfort we can allow

I recently ripped out all of my carpets and redid my floors. I decided that I did not want carpets anymore. Having kids, you really do need a carpet. The rugs catch dirt, spills and anything else a child might track in. Now that it is just my husband and I, I can get the wood floors I always dreamed of. While in the process of the new flooring, my brother made a good point. He told me that while I was already ripping up the floors, I might as well install heated flooring. In order to install this heating system, you need to tear up your floors. I was already doing it, so it worked out perfectly. I hated the furnace I used for over 10 years in my house. I got the furnace booted out of the home along with the old rugs. I then called a HVAC contractor over once the floors were destroyed. He came in and set up the radiant heater easily. He simply put in electric fitted mats all over my floors. The mats all linked together to ensure there were no hot and cold spots once the heated floors turned on. After the HVAC technician was done, I then got my hardwood floors installed. I have to say, I like the heated flooring better than the wood now. I love having the heating system at my feet and that it is a cleaner heating method. I should have gotten the heating system when I had the kids. It would have been worth possibly damaging the wood to let the whole family enjoy this heater.

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