I am happy with this heating unit

My wife and I decided to save some money and get a two for one HVAC system. Her and I purchased a heat pump device since it can provide both heating and cooling. The heat pump works by moving the heat energy either inside or outside. The heat pump needs the one unit set up in the lawn close to the house, and the indoor unit setup on an exterior wall. The units should not be far from one another and connected by piping in order to work. After spending tons of money on the heat pump, my wife and I decided to do the HVAC installation on our own. How hard could installing a heat pump be? The indoor and outdoor unit thing did not sound too bad. I have dealt with piping before too. My wife and I discovered after a few hours of work, HVAC installation is not for the faint hearted. It took us hours to just set up the separate devices. The connecting the units was a pain. I did not want the piping and wiring laying in my lawn. So my wife and I needed to dig up the lawn in order to protect our HVAC equipment. It was an all day affair and the two of us are not sure if we did the installation correct. We both think the heat pump might not even turn on for us. We just don’t have the heart to test it right now. We need to wait awhile before we realize that our HVAC unit will not turn on.

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