Paying for overnight shipping

When I graduated from technical school, it took a whole month to find a job. I graduated with my certification in heating and air conditioning, but I didn’t really have any experience. No person was interested in hiring someone without any hands on experience. It took four weeks, before I could find someone willing to take a chance on me. I spent two years learning all about the heating trade. I learned a lot about air conditioning too, but I was really interested in heating technology. I started to read more information about radiant flooring, and I even took a few specialty classes on HVAC technology in the heating industry. My boss was sending me to every single radiant flooring installation, and I started to become known as the radiant guy. I became so well known, that my boss started to receive a few requests for estimates in the city. We were pretty far out of town, so it had to be word of mouth. We were installing three or four radiant flooring products each week. Eventually, my boss decided that we could no longer service the city. I thought he was crazy to let all that money go, until he told me his great idea. He wanted to sponsor a new store in the city, specializing in radiant flooring installation, servicing, and repairs. The new shop would feature the new spokesperson “Radiant Guy.” I was floored when I heard the idea. I was even more shocked when he started discussing salary and royalties. I thought he was kidding, but he even had a contract on hand.

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