We do have some spaces that need work

  1. One of my friends is a verifiable computer genius. He used to be bounced around from one terrible job to the next, but then he put himself through college and got a PHD. Now he works for the government doing things he’s not allowed to tell me about, but from what little I do know his work is fascinating. It also pays really well, so now he lives in a nice little apartment with a fully functioning HVAC system. Having a home with central air conditioning this far north is the ultimate luxury item–the majority of homes hear don’t have central air at all. We have very short summers here so it’s really unnecessary for most people, myself included. When I went to visit him recently, I noticed his new apartment felt a little chilly. I thought maybe it was just due to the heat outside, almost 86. But after the first half-hour I wasn’t getting comfortable or adjusting, I was getting painfully cold. So I looked up at the thermostat and it was all the way down to 66. I started feeling like I was going to catch a cold, and I refuse to put on a sweater in July! That’s just wrong. Having the temperature that drastically different from the outside temperature can also get you sick, regardless that it’s the summertime. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I told him I didn’t want to catch a cold so to please let the AC stop cycling. He put it up to 70 degrees, and I was far more comfortable. He said its because the government site is freezing so that’s what he’s used to now.