I’m hoping for the best air conditioner

My dad worked a lot of interesting jobs growing up to provide for me and my brother, one of which was the first factory job he took when we moved down south. While he was new to the area, my dad had his fair share of experience dealing with all sorts of animals and interesting work environments. One day he clocked into his shift of moving around giant bales of rebar only to hear one of the secretaries scream. Dad grabbed a piece of rebar scrap and ran across the hall into her office. He didn’t know if he was dealing with an intruder or a robbery, but he wasn’t letting his new co-workers get hurt. It turned out the only intruder they had was a snake, which had curled up into the mechanisms of the old printer. Dad surmised it came into enjoy the air conditioning. As much as co-worker was upset, the little guy wasn’t poisonous, and my dad wasn’t about to kill a creature just for existing in the wrong place. He took the whole printer outside and managed to get the snake out and into the swamp behind the building. But the part no one could figure out was how he got in. At first, everyone though it was a prank. The secretary had only been there for a month, so she thought that maybe someone thought it’d been fun to scare her. My dad had a very terrible thought–the HVAC vent was right over the printer. He told his boss, who thought it was wild but called an HVAC company in to investigate. Sure enough, two weeks later, they found the ductwork had a nest of snakes.

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