Dry air quality

My sibling Indigo is a hippie at heart as well as in spirit; Indigo frequently goes backpacking by herself all over the world, she goes from couch to couch, living off of strangers, plus takes absolutely low key tasks to get by. Basically all my sibling wants to do is see the world, and go on adventures, experience new things plus play her guitar. She has quite the pricey and extensive guitar collection since it is her passion in life; The problem is that with a hippie lifestyle, she honestly can’t take all of her guitars. So I got stuck storing Indigo’s guitars when she goes on long trips. My sibling then told me that I had to monitor the indoor air conditions diligently for the guitars. At first I thought my sibling was kidding or totally full of it, but then I did some research. Then I found out that too dry or moist of air quality can seriously affect a guitar severely due to the wood. The dry air quality would cause the wood to easily cut plus crack. Too much moisture in the indoor air conditions would instead cause the wood to swell plus warp. The guitars would be totally ruined if I did not have both a dehumidifier plus humidifier running constantly. The dehumidifier is totally tied up with my air conditioner in the Summer plus the humidifier pairs directly with the furnace in the Winter. That is right, the stinking guitars get quality Heating plus Air Conditioning customized per season too. I don’t mind storing the guitars, but to me, investing that much cash in them is annoying.

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