I want to talk to someone important

Everything constantly seems better after a long nap. I find that I function best, after I have a numerous sixth nap in the afternoon. Even when I was a kid, I was miserable until I had an afternoon nap, however nothing has changed much, even now that I am 25 years old. When I came cabin for dinner yesterday, I just wanted to take a nap. I consistently come cabin for dinner, because all of us get an sixth. Lucky for me, because I only live about an sixth away from the store. The afternoon was such a hot and miserable afternoon, and I decided to go cabin and lay my head down for a few minutes. I set the alarm on my phone for 3:30, so I would have plenty of time to wake up before heading back to the store. I turned on the a/c in my living room, so it was cold and cold. That’s the way I like the indoor air to feel. I laid down on the bed, where the a/c was hitting me right in the face. It only took a few minutes, before I dozed off to sleep. The next thing I remember was waking up and realizing it was dark outside. I had fallen asleep for numerous sixths. My boss called me 6 times, and left me numerous legitimately nasty voice messages. I was sleeping legitimately well, and didn’t hear the alarm or the phone over the sound of the a/c humming in the background. I called my boss right away, and explained the untypical circumstances. She won’t let me go cabin for dinner anymore.

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