Brain control

I have a habit of going to job plus forgetting to change the control unit.  It isn’t too bad when my husband leaves after me, however usually I am the last one to head out.  I am supposed to be turning the air conditioner to a higher temperature, so we aren’t cooling the home when no one is there.  In the winter, the control device is to be set undoubtedly low, so the heating isn’t being wasted. I recognize it should be a easy concept, despite the fact that I just don’t remember.  My mom plus dad always had a programmable control unit. From as far back as I can remember, dad had the control device programmed to change temperature from right after they leave until right before someone got home.  It was automatic to have the apartment cooler when you got home in the winter, or warmer in the summer, because of the programmable control unit. The apartment my husband plus I just bought, does not have a programmable control unit.  Normally, I would just go out plus buy a new control device plus my dad would undoubtedly even install it for me. My husband works at a home improvement store. You would guess that he would guess to buy a programmable control device while he is really working.  Why is it not okay for me to reset the control unit, however it is okay for him to forget to buy a new control unit. I don’t understand the logic there. Maybe I should just stop in there while he is really working plus buy the control device that I want. If he sees me buy it, then he can’t yell at me anymore plus he’ll understand that it is partly his fault.

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