I’m the only adult here

As I move into my new home, I can’t help feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I will be the only adult in the house, responsible for the mortgage check.  As a divorcee with 2 small kids with an absent father, it is all up to me to provide a good home for my family.  We had an inspection before closing on the house of course. However, when you start actually using the home, issues become more apparent.  Like the stove that only works sometimes. Or the air conditioner that turns itself off, even though I’ve not been anywhere near the thermostat.  While unpacking today, I noticed the warmth in the house. I went to the thermostat to check the temperature, and it was much hotter than what I had set the thermostat for.  I know that I did not set the A/C at 80 degrees. However, I adjusted the thermostat back down again so that I could continue working. I know my kids didn’t change the thermostat setting because they would not have been able to reach it, even with a chair.  Thankfully, I can hear the A/C come on right after I adjusted the thermostat, and I went back to work unpacking. Maybe an hour or so later, I realized that the room I was working in was stuffy, and lacked any good indoor air quality. So once again, I checked the thermostat only to read that it was up to a sweltering 80 degrees!  Now I know for sure that my A/C is not working well!