It’s time to cool off

Heat waves are very difficult time for a lot of people. As for me, I don’t mind it at all, bring on the heat! I don’t have HVAC, but I don’t mind getting a little warm in the heat. I’ll just wear a sports bra and shorts around the house, and throw on a crop top and sandals to leave the house when I need to. If the heat gets to be too much, I’ll take a cold bath or a shower, or just go for a swim at the local lake. However, it’s my pets I worry about. Growing up, we would always take the dogs outside and hose them down. The ice cold water would keep them from getting overheated, and we could always take them swimming with us. When I moved out, I couldn’t have dogs anymore–rental properties up north are really strict about having pets of any kind. Ever since I started living on my own, I’ve had a really sweet cat who I love to death. While I can survive the heat, she becomes a little cat puddle. She finds the coldest spot of the house, often odd corners of rooms, and spreads out to try and keep comfortable. Houses with full HVAC are also really hard to come by up here, so I almost never have air conditioning to help her out. I have a really nice fan that puts out cooled air, and I always put it more on her than me. I also found out I can wipe her down with an ice pack when it gets really bad. As long as she’s happy in the heat, I’m all set.