I do think this is broken

I’m convinced that I’m the most dense person on the planet. I have absolutely no common sense, and it’s a problem that my mother has been getting on to me about this since I was a little kid. Not only do I have no sense of direction and frequently find myself getting lost, but I also have no idea how to fix things around my home. The last time I tried to fix my dishwasher I ended up with soap and water spilling all over my kitchen. So when my air conditioning unit started having problems one summer, I knew I was in for some trouble. I like to set my thermostat to seventy-four degrees in the summer, which I find keeps me cool and comfortable. Though I had set my thermostat to seventy-four, I kept feeling warm air spew from my air conditioner’s air vents. I was dreading having to troubleshoot this issue, given my past track record with fixing things. I made sure that my vents were clean and that my air conditioner was free from dust and debris. They were both clean, as my air conditioner had been serviced by an HVAC professional not too long ago. Then I went to look at my thermostat. You wouldn’t believe what the real issue with my air conditioner was. It turns out, I had set my thermostat to the heat setting instead of the cool setting, so it didn’t matter that I had set the temperature to seventy-four. At least I didn’t have to call an HVAC technician to fix the problem.

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