We have multiple HVAC units

What is your morning routine? Mine always starts with a thirty minute workout in my home gym. Well, it isn’t so much a home gym as a weight bench and a punching bag in my garage, but it gives me as good a workout as any fancy gym would. After that I cook up a small breakfast, drink a few cups of black coffee, then ride my bike to work. Doing the exact same thing every morning helps to give me a solid base for the day to come. No matter what surprises await me, I know that the next morning will be exactly the same. Working for a heating and cooling supply company, my work days do not offer a lot of variance, either, which I very much enjoy. I am not good in dealing with people, so my boss at the HVAC company likes to keep me in the shop. This is fine by me, because while my people skills have always been awful, my intuitive ability to fix HVAC units is excellent. I like to take old, retired furnaces and air conditioners and strip them down to nothing and then rebuild them. Maybe a 20 year old refurbished furnace isn’t worth a lot of money, but it still has value. I convinced my boss to donate the refurbished air conditioners and furnaces to local charities, or families in need. These HVAC donations give my boss a tax break, and also give him a good public relations base. Giving away these HVAC components costs him very little, and makes him seem like a charitable guy.