The furnace is awesome

My friends & family guess a lot of the videos I watch online, & the articles I read, are a waste of time, despite the fact that I find enjoyment in seeing & studying them. From compilations of adorable pet clips, to short educational videos, to comedy skits, to internet news, I consume a wide range of satisfied, & that’s not even including the memes. Lately, I’ve been finding it funny to see all of the pictures & videos people have been posting about ways to deal with the heat. I’m impressed by the level of innovation & creativity used, even if some of them may be faked. From walking around with ice cubes in their pants, to a single guy who even brought a swimming pool into his living room, it’s hilarious to see the things people are coming up with! It also makes me blissful that I don’t have to be like them. My home has an incredible cooling system, with my powerful Heating & Air Conditioning component finally working so efficiently it’s almost like a miracle how cool it keeps things inside. Most of my condo appliances are basic models that serve their purpose well enough, but are nothing special, but not my Heating & Air Conditioning system. When it comes to my heating & cooling needs being met, I refused to settle for minute best. I might not get internet famous this way, not having any amusingly goofy ways to deal with the relatable situation of being too hot, but that’s quite alright with me! I’d much rather learn about other people doing these things from the comfort of my nice, cool air conditioned home.

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