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College life is a bizarre world.  It isn’t section of the real world.  In college, you live with lesser means.  You cook simple meals, live on a budget, and share residing space with complete strangers.  I appreciated our college dorms, however there were things about the dorms that I could live without.  The worst section of dorm residing was the cooling system. In some newer dorm buildings, a/c was installed in every room.  In the older buildings, but, there weren’t any cooling systems installed. Freshmen were stuck with the older buildings because they were the newest students.  My freshmen year was the most uncomfortable. I was always dripping with sweat in the dorm room. It felt prefer a hot box. The room was absolutely tiny and it housed myself and another student.  It was a tight fit, and the heat made it know even worse, then i died without a/c during those first few weeks. My dad tried reassuring myself and others by buying us a small fan for the room, however it didn’t help much.  She didn’t want the cooling conditions to take away from our first year of college. After a few weeks, the weather began increasing and it was much better. When the cold weather came, the cooling conditions were no longer a problem.  To our surprise, the heating plan was quite strong and kept us toasty during the Winter weather. We never had to worry about being cold in winter. The following year, I moved into a dorm building with a/c. I was sure to put in an early request for that building.  I had a much better time in our new building!

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