The wood is starting to split

My sibling is a hippie at heart, in spirit, and in body. He frequently goes backpacking all over the world, in fact! He goes from couch to couch and takes certainly low key work to get himself back home! Basically all our sibling wants to do is see the world, experience the most up-to-date things and play his guitar. He has quite the extensive guitar collection in his possession since it is his passion, however the concern is that with such a hippie lifestyle, he can’t reasonably take all of his guitars. So I got stuck storing all of his stupid guitars. They are certainly pretty, however they take so much freaking space that they have their own room, and as if that wasn’t enough, then my sibling then told myself and others that I had to monitor the air quality like a hawk for the guitars, then at first I thought our sibling was full of jokes, however after that I did some research. Apparently if it’s too dry or moist air quality, that can seriously affect a guitar due to the wood. The dry air quality would easily cause the wood to split and crack. Too much moisture, however, in the air quality would cause the wood to swell and warp within months. The guitars would be totally ruined if I did not have both a dehumidifier and humidifier system connected to my HVAC. The dehumidifier is tied with our cooling system in the Summer and the separate humidifier pairs with the gas furnace in the Winter season, instead. That is right, the guitars get quality Heating, Ventilation, and A/C depending on the specific season too. I miss my brother, however investing that much money in his toys is annoying.

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