The air conditioning is no longer working

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Kids and adults have this one day out of the year, to dress up like anyone or anything they want, and judgement isn’t passed (well, at least not on the kids). I loved Halloween growing up, and even now as an adult, the holiday is still something I look forward to. This year, however, Halloween was also something of a nightmare. Generally, I host a Halloween party at my house for friends and family, and with people coming and going all night, the AC unit has to stay on for virtually the entire night to keep the house cool and comfortable. Tragedy struck hours before the event though, as my AC unit gave out on me and wouldn’t work at all. I immediately called a professional to take a look at the equipment, and while he said the repair was simple, he needed to pick up a new part for the machine and had to run out to buy it. As time ticked closer to the start of the party, I was already sweating and watching my makeup run down my face. Fortunately, the technician came back about an hour before the party was supposed to start, and was able to get the equipment running just in time. I thanked him heavily, and offered to let him stick around for a while during the party if he had time. He declined, but joked about coming back later in the night dressed up as a repairman.

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