We’re all more comfortable now

I do not care for going to the nurse! I’m not sure that I’ve ever met anyone who really enjoys the experience of going to the nurse, although I literally dread it, plus occasionally, I even make myself sick over the thought of going to the nurse, and don’t get myself and others wrong, I am so thankful for the task that nurse do, plus I love the results of getting dental task done, and it’s just the time of actually being at the nurse that really bothers me. I have had a couple of bad experiences at the nurse, plus I guess that may have to do with our fear of them, although I found a nurse that I really love, then he is a great guy, plus he does a great task, yet I still get upset every time I go. I have observed 1 thing that makes going to the nurse even worse. It’s the temperature. I’ve never been to a nurse’s office where it wasn’t really cold. It seems as though they have the a/c set at the lowest temperature plus blowing on high 24/7… When I’m upset I get really cold, plus having the a/c on high really doesn’t help myself and others suppose any more comfortable. I’m not really sure why they keep their offices so cold, although I have often asked the receptionist to turn down the a/c, however of course he does, but he says that it never feels any cooler until I’ve already left. I have become really nice friends with our current nurse, plus I’m hoping to be able to convince him to turn the a/c to a higher temperature.

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