I want a different dehumidifier

My sibling truy is a hippie at heart & in spirit; in fact, he frequently goes backpacking all over the world with a backpack and no shoes… He goes from couch to couch & takes unquestionably low key jobs around town, basically all our sibling wants to do is see the world, experience new cultures, & play his guitar. He has quite the expansive guitar collection in his possession since it is his passion, the problem is that with a transient hippie lifestyle, he can’t take all of his guitars. So I got stuck storing all of these ridiculous guitars. They are unquestionably pretty, but they take so much space around my  house that they have their own room, then my sibling then told me that actually, I also had to monitor the indoor air conditions for the guitars each and every moment of the day. At first I thought our sibling was full of it, but then all of us did some research. Too dry or moist of air inside can seriously affect a guitar due to the delicate wood. The dry air quality would cause the wood to cut & crack. That being said, too much moisture in the indoor air conditions would cause the wood to swell & warp, instead. The guitars would be totally ruined if I did not have both a separate dehumidifier & humidifier. The dehumidifier is now connected directly with our cooling system in the Summer & the humidifier pairs up nicely with the gas furnace in the Winter. That is right, the guitars get high quality Heating, Ventilation & A/C per season too. I can’t wait for my bro to get back to town.

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