This gym is great

When I was a young man I competed in the Mister Muscle contest. It was done on the boardwalk at the local beach. Muscle heads from up and down the coast would come and compete to see who had the best body. There were literally hundreds of people competing just to get on the stage and flex. Thousands of people crowded the beach every year to cheer on the competitors. And for three straight years I was one of those beefcakes up there flexing my stuff for the screaming crowd. It is a feeling I will keep with me always. Those days are long gone, I quit the bodybuilding game and became a certified HVAC technician. It was a good job, and fixing up peoples furnaces and air conditioners put food on the table and put my kids through college. HVAC treated me well, and I will always love it. But as soon as I could, I retired from the HVAC business and went back to bodybuilding. I was sixty years old at this point, after 40 years with the same HVAC company, but I was still in good shape. Heating and cooling repair is not very physical, but it kept me moving and helped me stay in shapes for all those years. I threw myself into weight training, and my old HVAC boss even paid to help me put in a home gym. He wanted to sponsor me, and pay to enter me in competitions so I could help promote his HVAC businesses.  He wants to bill me as The Heater, which actually sounds pretty cool.

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