Soaking up that air conditioning

Over the summers of my teenage years, I worked and managed a hot dog stand on the pier. This was the sort of seaside community where people would flood in every summer for the arcades and food or just to spend a day by the water. There was a lot of coin to be made by catering to the tourists, so that is exactly what I did. It was bloody well hot out there, and since I stood next to a deep fryer all day long, it was all the hotter. The stand was enclosed, and actually did have its own little HVAC system, not that I could really feel it. The air conditioning was supposed to be for the customers. Sometimes the promise of a cooling system would be enough for a person to spend money on hot dogs they never even wanted. When it was slow and there were no customers I would leave the kitchen area and lounge around in front of the air vents, but that did not happen very often. Once in a while someone would come in just for the A/C and I would always have to tell them to purchase something or leave. When faced with that ultimatum, they would buy the cheapest thing on the menu just for the right to soak in some of the air conditioning. After the summer was over, I would board the place up and shut down the ovens and the HVAC system for a few months. The next summer I would power up the A/C unit and start it up once more!

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