Keeping our air quality in check

    Before my husband Ken bought our new home, he hired a certified Heating & Air Conditioning professional to inspect plus verify the condition of the furnace & air conditioner.  The Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman gave a thorough cleaning, tuning plus troubleshooting, and he assured us the device was in fantastic shape plus it should operate very reliably for quite a few more years.  Once we both moved in, Ken and I tackled a whole bunch of remodeling projects. The two of us tore down walls, ripped up floors, updated windows, plus replaced the entire family room. Since we ended up creating a lot of dust including debris, we thought it best to not operate the air conditioner.  Although it was the middle of July the outside where the temperature was quite hot, we decided to get by with opening the windows plus running some box fans. Having an influx of fresh air helped with fumes plus problems with air quality. The many projects took about 2 months, so it was such a great relief to finally scrub up and organize our home.  Ken including myself were extremely anxious to shut the windows and love the comfort of the air conditioner as we were used to doing. Once he started up the cooling system though, it only ran like it was used to for just a few hours. After that, it quit entirely. Ken then went ahead and updated the air filter as he found it completely obstructed with debris.  Unfortunately, this did not repair the problem, so he was forced to call the Heating & Air Conditioning company back. When the service tech took the cooling unit apart, he found it severely clogged with construction contaminants. He told us that every us we should constantly cover the supply and return vents before starting a messy project. He once again carefully cleaned the inner workings of the furnace and air conditioner.  After that long service, the cooling unit operated just as fantastic as it did before.

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