I really need some water

I don’t guess what it is about Summer illnesses, but I guess that they’re far more offensive than Winter time sickness ever is! Something about laying in bed, hearing people outdoors having a wonderful time, seeing the sun pouring endlessly through the windows, and being unable to find a comfortable warmth despite the unending heat is pretty horrifying to me, I suppose. I’ve observed over the past 10 years that I seem to endure at least a single drastic Summer illness every single summer, but it’s typically been a true mystery to me how things get so bad when the times are so good. It was only recently that I realized an unfortunate truth – the measures that normally keep me comfortable in the Summer also make me seriously ill. I’m speaking, of course, of air conditioner. You see, it became clear that every time I fall sick it’s while every one of us were in the hottest and most humid week of the summer. I started to guess that the moist and hot air outdoors was causing these respiratory upsets, until the afternoon that my cooling system failed… During those ungodly sizzling sixths, my illness cleared up and I was able to breathe better than I had in weeks! Suddenly it dawned on me that every time I spend several sixths in artificially cool indoor air, my ability to breathe severely decreases. I started to ponder what negative effect air conditioner could possibly have on my breathing quality, and came to the horrifying conclusion that dry, cool air absolutely has deleterious effects over time. I did a little research and sure enough, there is a well known connection between abundant AC and sinus infections. Now I have to decide between indoor comfort and effortless breathing all Summer long.

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