I bet this will all help us

When I initially started working at the local Heating and Air Conditioning shop, I had a single goal in mind. Sure the job was a somewhat simple and had flexible hours, which I needed. But it was just too slow paced for my lifestyle; It is not a job that is high in demand or highly sought after. I stuck through it though, because I wanted to purchase a new HVAC unit for my house. I knew I couldn’t afford to get a new high end system, so I thought that an employee discount would help my chances, and the extra income would be an added benefit as well. A week ago, my HVAC system just stopped working. I knew it right when I went to change the temperature control and it failed to even turn on! Warmer seasons won’t be a problem. I can get by without an air conditioner. But during my favorite season of winter, it would be potentially life-threatening to not have a functioning furnace in extremely low temperatures. I live in an area where weather conditions of all four seasons are present and in full force. I appreciate the change of scenery every few months. In a few weeks, I know I will need a new Heating and Air Conditioning unit, which furthered my decision to begin working here at the store. Sadly the employee discount turned out to be far less than I had expected it to be… I only get a measly 5 percent off. Because the unit is a costly purchase, the amount discounted may initially seem to be a lot, but the overall cost is just too high for it to make a difference. I hope I will be able to afford the unit when the time comes!

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