The heat pump is changing the room

Retiring home to the South has been my dream.  While I have enjoyed seeing many places and cultures, it’s time to go home.  I have missed so much about living in the South. The culture feels familiar and easy.  And the weather is just lovely. I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else. During the building of my house, I had to make a choice on the type of heating and cooling system I preferred.  My first thought was the heat pump. I had a heat pump growing up so was familiar with its performance. However, I was somewhat stunned by all the new options on a heat pump. I had never heard of variable speed motors.  Heat pumps can now be equipped with an ECM. And ECM is an electrically commutated motor. Basically, it means the motor can change its rpm based on the system needs. The ECM starts and stops slowly in order to fully evacuate all conditioned air from the air ducts.  The beauty part is the ECM uses a fraction of the energy the old single speed motor did. I also discovered that my heat pump can even heat my pool. I couldn’t believe it. I chose a heat pump that employs a desuperheater. This funny sounding component is miraculous.  The desuperheater uses the wasted heat from the heat pump to heat water. So now, I am saving over twenty percent on what it would cost to heat my pool in a more traditional way. I could not be more pleased with my HVAC choice. I’ll be sticking with my heat pump for life now that I’m home again.

heat pump unit