I’m starting the thermostat

My energy bills are going nowhere but up.  I live in the South so that is not anything but bad news during the summer.  The air conditioning runs a staggering amount when the heat truly hits. I have wanted to mitigate the cost of cooling for some time now but was too lazy to actually do it.  Not this summer. I spent only a few days researching things I could do to help save money on energy costs. I also called my local HVAC guy and he gave me some great tips as well.  It all starts at the thermostat. It appears that the smart thermostat is the way to go. They are the most efficient at maintaining consistent temperatures. In lieu of that, I have begun to put my thermostat to eighty one or eighty two degrees when I am gone to work.  When I return, I lower it to seventy seven. Before I sleep, I turn it down again to seventy four. Turning of the air conditioning while at work is a mistake. The house and everything in it gets too hot and then takes too much energy to cool down upon your return. Additionally, with the HVAC cooling off, the humidity level can get far too high and provide a great place for mold.  I also installed some curtains for windows that get direct sunlight. Heating of ambient air by direct sunlight can be a major source of unwanted heat in the summer. I have also incorporated fans to my cooling plan. Fans cost a penny an hour to run. That is nothing compared to nearly 40 cents per kilowatt hour for the HVAC. Fans help cool the skin which tricks the mind into thinking it’s cooler than it actually is.  And of course, I get my HVAC tuned up twice a year without fail. I am hoping to save about fifteen percent on energy costs using these tips.

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