Watching youtube for HVAC advice

I watched this movie where multiple different dads were staying in a big getaway lake house with their families over the holidays. In 1 scene, 1 of the teenage daughters said that she liked sleeping with her windows open, even though it was really chilly outside. In order to stay hot while her windows were open, she’d come out and crank the temperature control in the big lake house up to around 85 degrees, which made almost everyone else sweaty and angry… She didn’t care, though, because she was a selfish bratty teenager who only thought about herself! Well, in this certain scene, all of the dads ended up holding a meeting in the hallway right next to the temperature control, which study 85 degrees! They were all in their dad “tighty-whitey” underwear and they had a discussion about how the temperature control in a home is sacred ground and only the dads, who have to spend my money the energy costs, have the sacred right to touch it. They banged on the daughter’s door and told the girl to close her windows and put on a sweater. They were yelling about how only a single degree difference on the temperature control can affect the heating bill for the month and then they ending up chopping the heat down to 78 degrees instead of the deranged 85 degrees. Then when they all went back to their rooms and the temperature started to get back to normal, of course the teenage girl came out and turned the temperature control all the way back up to 85 and then she went back into her room and opened her windows up again! Just goes to show you how guys will scheme in order to get their own way.

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