Heating up my old apartment

I will never forget our first internship during my senior year of high school. I decided to opt for an alternative educational program because I didn’t like school much anyway and I already knew that I wasn’t college bound. My Mom’s friend from work had an internship program through his HVAC corporation, together, they got me hooked up with the program. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. After working with the program for about six months, I thought I had seen it all when it came to maintenance issues with HVAC systems. The most common problems with systems were caused by the fact was that people did not care for their air filter systems properly and rarely even had their HVAC ductwork cleaned.  But then, almost everyone thinks they are immune to any HVAC issues, until they have to call us for emergency help. The worst situation I have ever seen was last week when we were called out to look at a system in an old apartment building. The moment the team walked into the building, we knew it was not going to be a fun job. The entire HVAC system had not even been touched in years. Our first order of business was completely stripping the old ductwork and replacing it with newer ones that weren’t filled with holes that leaked. The system was completely infested with any and every bug you can imagine. So, we knew that the air filters were not going to be any better. Once the job was done we had the HVAC system back up and running without an issue.  We made sure to remind the owners that they needed to be more diligent about maintenance in the future.