I love summer wine

I am a fine wine drinker, and I like to drink only the most finest wines around. Some call me a big old snob, but I really do not care about this fact. I enjoy my wine and that is just the darn way it is and always will be! Drinking fine wine on a nice summer night is probably my most favorite thing to do. When I have my wine on a nice summer night, it is usually with my other half who I have been married to for over twenty years. And what we do is keep our high quality, top of the line, and extremely up-to-date heating and cooling system’s thermostat set at a nice comfy seventy five degrees as we sit by the electric fireplace and drink only the finest wines around. We never get drunk at all. We have class and do it in a classy way literally enjoying the wine and our brand new, up-to-date, top of the line and very so very expensive heating and cooling system that we had to take out a loan to get. We gave up a whole six months of buying our wines to do this. That is how important it was to get a prime, top quality and extremely very so much up-to-date heating and cooling system installed in our home. This also benefited us for the winter months when it would get cold outside. But always, our best nights with our fine wine was during the summer time months with the cooling system turned on. I think next, we may invest in an air purification system as well!

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