We know this HVAC system doesn’t work

Living where I do in the part of the country I do, it is extreme weather all of the time. In the winter it gets colder than the rest of the united states of america, and in the summer, look out! It is hotter than anywhere in the united states of america, or maybe even the entire planet! At least that is what it feels like to me. It is sheer hell. Everyone likes to enjoy taking in a game during the summer time. Especially baseball. Here, we have indoor baseball fields. They are like the regular stadiums you would think of, but they are inclosed in a dome. And yes, you guessed it, they have high quality, top of the line, extremely expensive and very and so extremely up-to-date heating and cooling systems installed! Not just any heating and cooling system, but we’re talking industrial sized heating and cooling systems that include air purification systems and dehumidifiers! It is the absolute best thing for summer here in this part of the united states of america! It is wonderful! You would never know that outside it is over one hundred and ten degrees! Inside there it is usually a really nice, comfy and cool seventy three degrees and you get the feeling like it is the fall in the rest of the united states of america. You can enjoy the game in peace and comfort. If I could move into this indoor stadium and sleep there, I would do that too! Praise HVAC technology! Yes! I do!