I’m a big fan

I am not a big fan of my HVAC vents. I know that’s a strange thing to not like about a house, but I just don’t like the look of them or where they’re located. I feel that aesthetic is important. When I’m home, I like to relax in a space that makes me feel good. Lately I’ve also been worried that, because the HVAC vents are on the floor, they are getting really dirty inside. I have a dog and a cat, and they shed quite a bit. Is all that hair somehow ending up inside the heating system? That would be really unfortunate. I don’t think that animal hair is a very good thing to be in my heating and cooling system in any part. That being said, I have been thinking about having my heating and cooling specialist out to the house to clean out all of my vents. I was also thinking that I would have him give me a quote on how much it would be to move the HVAC ducts to a higher location. If it’s way too much money, then obviously it wouldn’t be worth it to move them, but the whole thing just drives me crazy. I just don’t know why someone would put HVAC vents on the floor, right where people walk all the time! It seems like a very poorly thought out design plan to me. At this point, what is done is done, and I can’t do much about it now. I just hope the ducts aren’t too disgusting. I don’t want something to go wrong with my heating or cooling system because of dirty ducts.

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