Running the air conditioner all day

A while ago, I observed that the a/c in my condo wasn’t working the way it usually does. The a/c would be great in the day and at night, but once it became noon, the temperature inside would rise no matter what setting the temperature control was on. I’d even turn on the a/c’s fan, and turn the temperature control lower, but that would not stop the temperature from getting to the eighties. I put in a service request with my condo complex, with the belief that someone would come right away. Unfortunately I thought wrong. Not only did nobody show up that night, but neither did they show up the next day. I knew that it would begin to get sizzling around noon, so I called again to inquire about the status of my request. The leasing agent told me that there were plenty of a/cs throughout the complex that were experiencing difficulties. Apparently, there simply were not enough HVAC specialists to repair all of the a/cs that same day. I was very mad. However, she assured me that my a/c would definitely be repaired the following day. I decided to stay at a friend’s house that day to stay out of the apartment; As promised, an HVAC specialist arrived and fixed my a/c the next day. However, I wish the repair could have been taken care of with more efficiency. I assume that’s the consequence for not being able to hire my own HVAC specialists.